I guess most of you know about this tracker by now but we never made a post about it. So here goes. AranaBG is a private torrent tracker which tracks both scene and P2P releases. The tracker is of Bulgarian origin but there is an English option so users from other countries will not be lost in translation. One notable factor about ArenaBG is it's size. ArenaBG is huge; the user base exceeds 100000 and its tracker tracks over 33000 torrents.

One other thing that I noticed about this tracker is that it has no ratio enforcement rules. There is a ratio system and the tracker does record your upload and download stats but these will only be used for Power User promotion. One downside of relaxed ratio rules is that newest and (some of the largest) torrents will have somewhat slower speeds due to heavy leeching. ArenaBG definitely has several times better speeds than The Pirate Bay and Demonoid but don't expect pre times and speeds of SCC or ScT here.

ArenaBG's torrent description are excellent. For example. a popular movie torrent will always have an embedded trailer, subtitle files, screenshots, poster and online links. I found this feature to be very user friendly.

The site is usually open for signup and you may get in for free when it's open. Check it out.


Site Name: ArenaBG

Signup URL: http://www.arenabg.com/register.php


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