DigitalHive (DH) is a private torrent tracker that tracks general/0day content. The site is usually invite only but at the moment it has open signups so new members may get in without the need of an invitation code. Digital Hive has been around for some time and it’s user base now exceeds 20000. There are over 100 active torrents on the tracker both scene and non scene releases.

Apart from common content you can almost find on any other general tracker, DH has several excellent packs of their own.


Image: Some of the packs at DH

Watch for the ‘–DH’ tag in torrent title to identify packs unique to DH. Another good thing about DH’s packs is that most of them are on free leech. This ensures the packs are well seeded and have extended lifetime. On the other hand freeleech packs can be used to increase your overall share ratio.

DigitalHive is currently open but it has a reputation of closing signups quickly. If you want to get in, you may want to hurry.


Site Name: DigitalHive

Signup URL:


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