Nokia replaces LifeBlog with Nokia Photos

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 9/22/2008 | | 0 Comments »

I don’t know if this was done recently or a while ago, but I only noticed it today. I used to transfer my phone’s content to PC using Nokia Lifeblog. In order to do this you need to have Nokia Lifeblog application installed both on your Mobile and on the PC. After a fresh system install, I searched the Nokia site for the Lifeblog PC application only to get a “Page not found” error. After one Google search I got to know that Nokia had replaced the Lifeblog PC application with something called ‘Nokia Photos’. It’s all good but they could have placed a redirect on the Lifeblog page instead of simply saying ‘Not found’.

I only have several minutes of experience with Nokia Photos. From what I saw, the new app seems to have retained all the important features of Lifeblog (timeline included) and added some new ones as well. Don’t forget to check this one out.



[Click Here] to visit Nokia Photos homepage to download the application.