Hello again folks and this time we bring you news of another private tracker currently open or signup. PeerPortal is a decent general tracker which has average pre times and good download speeds. The site has nearly 7500 members and tracks over 3000 torrents. PP does not like publicity much and usually requires an invite to get into.

Apart from usual scene releases and p2p releases, PP has several packs of their own. For example the X-Files all seasons pack and That 70s Show all Seasons pack.

The site is currently open for new members so check it out.


Site Name: PeerPortal

Signup URL: https://peerportal.org/libitina_signup.php <-- Signup closed. Clicking on this link right now will take you to a prank web page.


  • 0-day
  • Anime
  • Appz
  • Boxsets
  • DVD-R
  • Ebooks
  • Games/other
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  • Games/ps3
  • Games/PSP
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