Private torrent index and closed Internet community Darkside_RG is currently open for new users. Darkside is one of the older sites out there and has an excellent community. There are over 100000 registered members and an unknown number of releases on this forum.

Although DarkSide_RG is a decent Bittorrent site, it is perhaps more popular for another reason; aXXo - the one man release group (non scene). DarkSide is one of the first place where aXXo uploaded his ripped movies to and he is one of the staff members there. Apart from aXXo movies Darkside indexes TV Shows, Music, games and other general content released by scene, p2p releasers and DarkSide's own rippers.


Image: DarkSide_RG has a separate section for aXXo's torrents as a tribute to the legendary P2P ripper.

Even if you don't download anything using torrents you'll still find this an interesting place place to hang out; Darkside has an excellent community. There are separate forum sections named 'Community Forums' and 'Reviews and Discussions' which exapnd the scope of Darkside beyond just torrents.

The site is currently open and new members can register for free. Check it out.


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  • Requests
  • Darkside_RG Music Releases
  • HellraiserRG (Free Lossless Audio Copiers)
  • Music
  • aXXo (aXXo movie torrents)
  • Alchemy_RG (Movie torrents ripped by Alchemy_RG)
  • maribel (Top quality full DVDs)
  • Movies
  • H264 and High Definition Movies
  • Full DVDs
  • KVCD Releases
  • TV Shows
  • Documentaries, eBooks and Educational
  • PC Software
  • Mac and Linux Software
  • Animation
  • Games
  • Other
  • Tibby's Playpen (This forum is for the sole purpose of posting kid's torrents)
  • Members Release Lists
  • My First Torrent (This forum is intended to help those new to creating torrents.)


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    Thanks for this. Very cool tracker