About a month ago, we posted an article about 6 sites through which you can download and read electronic versions of popular Books online, for free. This post is kind of an extension to that article.

Classic Reader is another similar site which offers free books. As the name implies, it specializes in works of classic literature by respected authors such as H.G Wells, D.H. Lawrence, Leo Tolstoy and Shakespeare. There are more than 3000 complete titles online and you can view all these books free of charge.


Each books is presented using several HTML pages (Usually one chapter per HTML page). There is no option to download the entire book into hard disk with one click (unless you pay $20 to and buy the DVD version). You can however save the HTML files manually to hard disk if you prefer to read them offline or want a personal copy for yourself.

[Click Here] to visit Classic Reader now. 

[Click Here] to view the titles list.

[Click Here] to view Authors list.


  1. Priyantha De Silva // 9/29/2008 12:03:00 AM  

    @ LST,

    This's the one of best sites I've ever reach. Thanks for the guiding.