Popular general/0day tracker Wild-Bytes (WB) is now open for new signups. We don't know for how long it will stay open so if you ever plan to get in do it ASAP. Speaking of the tracker, Wild-Bytes is a decent general tracker with good pre times and download speeds. There are over 7700+ users one the site at time of this post and WB tracks over 2500 torrents. It indexes both scene and non scene releases as well as several torrents unique to WB (look for WB tag in torrent title).


Site Name: Wild-Bytes (WB)

Signup URL: http://www.wild-bytes.org/signup1.php


  • Anime
  • Apps
  • Covers
  • NTSC 9
  • PAL 9
  • HI DEF
  • NTSC
  • PAL
  • Scene
  • EBooks
  • Nintendo
  • PC
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