SloBytes is perhaps the first Slovenian tracker to be featured in our Private Trackers Section. It's a general/0day tracker with nearly 7500 users and over 4000 torrents. The signup page, site language and everything else is in Slovenian. However most of the content indexed is English (Scene releases, P2P releases ,etc). Interface language should not be a problem for anyone familiar with private trackers as SB follows basically the same format as most other trackers.

Another thing I noticed about this tracker is its packs. Apart from SloBytes unique packs (SB tag), I found packs from other high level trackers such as ScT and TL.


Although these packs may be embraced with open hand by users who do not have access to these high level trackers, uploading unique packs to another tracker is usually frowned upon in the BT community. Such uploaders, if caught, usually faces an instant ban from the original tracker.

Overall it's a decent tracker and is currently open for signups. The current user cap is 7500 and that means there are just around 75 spots left so you better hurry if you want to get in.


Site Name: SloBytes (SB)

Signup URL: