Few weeks ago, we posted about ChildBytes which specialized in kid's content. TorrentKids (aka Humor Me) is a new tracker in the same niche. It tracks kids movies, TV series, educational content, music and other content targeted at kids. One point of note is that TorrentKids does not track any cartoons. It says on the site to visit Cartoonchaos.org for all cartoons. (Looks like Cartoonchaos is their sister site - see our post about CC here.).

Although the tracker is brand new, there are over 500 members and nearly 175 torrents. Among those torrents are some great kids movies such as Harry Potter 1-5 and popular TV series such as ALF. It's good to see more and more kids tracker being launched as there are only a handful of such sites currently online. TorrentKids is one of them and they definitely seem to be headed the correct path. If you have kids or love kid's stuff, this tracker is a must have.


Site Name: TorrentKids (Humor Me)

Signup URL: http://www.torrentkids.org/index.php?page=signup


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