Popular dedicated movie torrent tracker Tehconnection.eu has increased it’s user limit from 15000 to 30000. The site is currently open for signup and new members may join for free. Tehconnection currently tracks nearly 2900 torrents and has a little over 15000 members. It is a must have resource if you are a movie lover.

A mass PM sent to site users claim that they plan to migrate to Gazelle codebase soon:

Gazelle & Free Leech/Double Upload!
We on staff would like to thank all of you for your dedication in making TehConnection a premier movie-themed tracker. We understand that over the past few months the site has not evolved as quickly as some of you'd have liked, and moreso as quickly as we'd have liked. But that's what we're here to talk about.

In four weeks we will be migrating to Gazelle. This has been a long time coming, and we are all eagerly anticipating the changes to come. Some of you might have experience using Gazelle-based trackers elsewhere, so you'll know firsthand what to expect. We expect the transition to go smoothly, however there will inevitably be some hiccups, and they will be dealt with on a priority basis (as always).

For the next few weeks however, we've enabled free leech and double upload on all newly uploaded torrents! We want you guys to start leeching and uploading new torrents as if your Net connection is gonna get cut off at the end of the week! This isn't just a gimmick - we're doing this because all of YOU have stuck with us throughout the summer, and you deserve it. Remember that Hit & Run rules still apply.

Lastly, a reminder for those who are unaware - when you join our IRC channel on P2P-NET.eu using the instructions found here, the IRC Idle Bonus will kick in, and you'll be earning yourself 10MB/hour just for idling! It couldn't get any easier!
Thanks to everyone for sticking in there with us - the best that TehConnection has to offer is still to come!

As you may have noticed from above, admins have also enabled double upload and free leech on all new torrents so register your account now and start downloading/uploading!


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