First of all don’t be mislead by the name; BitSeduce is a not a porn tracker. It’s rather a tracker specializing in variety of lifestyle content such as Food, Cooking, Martial Arts, Business, Languages, etc. As far as I know only other torrent site that is similar to BitSeduce (content wise) is ThePlace.BZ (which is also open at this time).

To get a better idea of the content on BitSeduce, have a look at the categories section below. BitSeduce currently indexes nearly 3000 active torrents and has a use base of 5000. Signups are currently open. Since BitSeduce has a habit of closing its doors within a small time interval, you may want to hurry if you want to become a member.


Site Name: BitSeduce

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  • Alpha Male Clips
  • Author: Anthony Robbins
  • Author: Carlos Xuma
  • Author: David DeAngelo
  • Author: Lance Mason
  • Author: Mystery
  • Author: Neil Strauss
  • Author: Ross Jeffries
  • Author: Sean Messenger
  • Author: Tyler Durden
  • Business / Finance
  • Dance / Singing / Voice
  • Everything Else
  • Fashion / Grooming
  • Fighting / Martial Arts
  • Food / Drink / Cooking
  • Health / Fitness / Massage
  • Hypnosis / NLP
  • Languages / Accents
  • Music / Illusions / Tricks
  • Psychology / Body Language
  • Seduction: Audio
  • Seduction: Other
  • Seduction: Video
  • Seduction: Written
  • Sex