Tv.Torrents.Ro (TVT.Ro) is currently open for new signups. This tracker is definitely among the top 3 dedicated TV torrent trackers along with Bitmetv (BMTV) and ( TVT.Ro currently has its invites system disabled so the only way users can get into the tracker is during open signups periods such as this. If you download TV shows through bittorrent, you should definitely check this site out. Signups usually don't stay open for long so you might want to hurry.

TVT.Ro tracks over 8000 torrents and has a user base of over 19000. Although the tracker is of Romanian origin, all the shows it tracks are either US or Canadian ones. TVT.Ro indexes scene releases, P2P releases as well as internal packs unique to the tracker. packs

Image: Some of the internal packs at TVT.Ro. The FREE Icon next to the torrent means it's in feeleech mode (only upload is counted in your stats - good for ratio building) 

You may notice that some of the torrents come with ROsubs tag which means they have Romanian subtitles. If you don't want them you can safely delete .srt (or .sub and .idx) files and replace them with English (or any other language) subtitles downloaded externally.

Site Name: Tv.Torrents.Ro

Signup URL:


  1. tkmops // 8/21/2009 11:41:00 AM  

    Is TV Torrents RO down, or offline?
    I've been a user for months, but now am not able to get to the just says 'waiting for'
    and never connects.