LimeWire is a peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) client for the Java Platform, which uses the Gnutella network to locate files as well as share files. Released under the GNU General Public License, LimeWire is free software. A LimeWire PRO license costs $21.95, and provides the user with a 6 month license to download updated PRO versions. A 1-year "Extended PRO" license is available for $34.95. While commonly mistaken by many users to be a license to the content accessible via LimeWire on the Gnutella network, in fact, it is only a license to the software.

The PRO version offers some improvements over the Basic version:

  • It offers personalized technical support.
  • It provides more search results by connecting to 5 UltraPeers instead of 3 UltraPeers.
  • It comes with extra skins, including a special "PRO-only" skin.
  • It allows downloads to come simultaneously from 10 peers rather than only 8.



You can download the latest LimeWire Pro directly from servers. Of course you don't have to actually purchase the thing; they just forgot to mask the link :)


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