Sport-Scene is a private torrent tracker specializing in sports content. You can download videos and other content related to many different sports ranging from Baseball to Formula 1. Sign up for this tracker usually requires an invite but the site now has open signups, perhaps to celebrate the start of the Olympics which is a major sporting event.

Speaking of Olympics 2008, Sport-Scene has an entire category dedicated to this event. In addition to the usual scene releases of Olympic events, I've seen several packs unique to Sports-Scene which is really impressive. Majority of the torrents in this category are on free leech, making SSC an ideal place for Olympic fans.

However, Olympics content is not all what SCC tracks. There are over 2000 torrents related various sporting events and you should definitely check this out if you are into sports.

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  • American Football
  • Auto Sport
  • Baseball
  • Basketball/Beijing2008
  • Basketball/Euroleague
  • Basketball/European
  • Basketball/NBA
  • Basketball/NBL
  • Basketball/NCAA
  • Basketball/Other
  • Beijing 2008
  • Football
  • Football/EURO 2008
  • Formula 1
  • Ice Hockey
  • Misc
  • MMA/Boxing
  • Moto Sport
  • PC/Console Games
  • Poker
  • Tennis


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