It would be fair to say that over the years Nero software suite because increasingly bloated. There have been many useful features added to the suite but useless crap such as Nero Scout (man I hate that POS) was added as well. Nero Micro and Nero Lite are custom made editions of Nero which have some of the the bloated features removed. Nero was initially known for CD/DVD burning so Lite and Micro versions only contain apps that are strictly related to this task.


Nero Lite v8.3.6.0

Nero Lite edition is a custom made edition of Nero which includes only a few apps essential for CD/DVD burning. As a result the download size is reduced (It's around 30MB) and a lot of bloatware is left behind.

Nero Lite pack contains:

  • Nero Burning Rom (with VideoCD Support and MauSau Audio Plug-ins)
  • Nero Express
  • Nero CoverDesigner
  • Nero WaveEditor
  • Nero Toolkit

Nero Micro v8.3.6.0

Nero Micro is an even further stripped down version of Nero which has only two apps included in the package. Download size is even further reduced (around 20MB) as a result.

Nero Micro pack contains:

  • Nero Burning ROM (with VideoCD Support and MauSau Audio Plug-ins)
  • Nero Express

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