Popular bittorrent site  Araditracker has been shut down. The exact reason for the shut down is not known yet but it is suspected that it was due to legal pressure. And it is highly unlikely that Aradi's BT tracker will come back online ever again.

There is no official word on the shutdown in their IRC channel yet. The following line is all that is there related to the shutdown:

"No we don't know either, more info as and when "

For those interested, their official IRC channel is hosted in irc.foreverchat.net and the channel name is #araditracker. [mIRC users click here to access.]

Although I have not been active there recently, it was one of the first torrent sites I signed up for. It was a nice site and had a close knit community. R.I.P Araditracker

It is always sad to see a bittorrent site go down but in true Hydra fashion, several new trackers will soon pop up to fill the void. You can find information about private trackers and get notified about latest open signups via our Private Trackers Section.


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