(don't confuse this with SCL - The Clover which is a different site) has resurfaced after several months of downtime. This tracker was a good one when it was in full swing but due to some problem with Romanian authorities they shut it down and merged their user base with BitShock (Or at least that is what I think happened, the messages were all in Romanian). The site is back up now and seems to be in the process of recruiting new members. It's a general/0day tracker.

SceneLinks currently have 1000+ members and tracks over 200 torrents. Given my experience with this tracker in the past, I expect it would grow rapidly to become one of the better general trackers out there. They do have a user limit of 2000 currently so you may want to hurry if you want in.


Site Name: SceneLinks.Ro

Signup URL: 


  • Anime/Cartoons
  • Apps/PC ISO
  • Apps/PC Rip
  • Documentaries
  • DOX/Misc
  • Games/PC ISO
  • Games/PC Rip
  • Games/PS2
  • Games/PS3
  • Games/WII
  • Games/XBOX
  • Games/XBOX360
  • Graphic/Stuff
  • HDTV
  • HDTV/RoSubbed
  • Mobile/PDA
  • Movies/DVD-R
  • Movies/DVD-RO
  • Movies/Oldies/IMDB
  • Movies/SVCD
  • Movies/XviD
  • Movies/XviD-RO
  • Music
  • Music Videos
  • Music/DVD
  • PSP
  • TV Eps/Shows
  • XXX