Although i've managed to find many Magazines in E-Learning and E-Book torrent trackers and web sites, i had never really come across a site dedicated to hosting international magazines. is one such site which hosts a huge archive of Magazines belonging to many categories ranging from Information Technology to sports.


Initially i though this was just another one of those sites which hosted a bunch of useless free magazines but boy was i wrong. hosts even the most reputed Magazines such as PC World and Computer Power User. Another good thing about the site is that there are even older issues available, in addition to the latest ones. The site is set to grow at a rapid rate with it already having a user base in excess of 15000. Even the site's users are allowed to upload and this will ensure new content being added to the site all the time.

The only minor drawback i found with the site was that it did not offer direct download links to hosted magazines. Magazines will open in an internal viewer instead of being downloaded to the user's computer in a single file. Anyway the viewer is user friendly, has a lot of features and renders the pages neatly and quickly.

If you are used to reading International Magazines, you should definitely check this site. There is a good chance of this hosting the latest copy of your favorite magazine, in electronic form!

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