Random Demonoid invitation code giveaway 8

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 8/23/2008 | | 30 Comments »

As promised, Demonoid invitation code giveaway 8 is here. You can use either one of the codes below to sign up to Demonoid.com semi private bittorrent tracker. As usual, first come, first served! We ask for nothing in return except you follow the site's rules and do your best to seed the torrents without being a hit and runner.

This time around we are giving out 10 invitation codes. 5 from us and 5 sent in by one of our readers Sylvester K. from NJ. If you would like to give away your invitation codes for free in similar fashion, feel free to contact us via filenetworks[at]gmail[dot]com or you can even share them yourself through the comments section of this article.

If you get an invalid code error, that means someone else beat you to it. In that case we cannot help you. If you managed to get hold of one, use it wisely. Don't forget to give something back to the community.

Code 1: 2703dezh94s0fefa5k8bpp388jv1vgiqli

Code 2: 414y1wddm8lhn42k2hy3m2rohaojqau7onod08vhutdu

Code 3: mmdhy95bbzisg1h6qwssr7lsc0n3xidpvegjpl

Code 4: d1jktg0kfpouigecluoq67vp8dukpgegsx

Code 5: yk57hmwh3jlt8hu1zxwsnp9b3uv4sdt6g89vm9qzt

Code 6: ifoq8rr19h0t6ktkz0qv3sa59s8c21xuzpw

Code 7: ltrqgaygjcgtd3hu5coaw41tk1ptx9rvci

Code 8: 0jj0rau96q5uxj9srtgcfb8xrh8fwu78p8u1

Code 9: z4rzcaz9xmc7lm3g8ejd7kxd4f0njf5abdq7q7h

Code 10: 22mb4fu3znw15bpco6441c0ll9qlxs4ha5

Keep reading FILEnetworks for more such wild giveaways.


  1. Emrikol // 8/23/2008 08:59:00 PM  

    All Gone

  2. ~*Sean's Baby*~ // 8/23/2008 10:01:00 PM  
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  3. Chris // 8/24/2008 12:23:00 AM  
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  4. Chris // 8/24/2008 12:28:00 AM  
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  5. Chris // 8/24/2008 03:07:00 AM  

    At long last! I removed my email and request because I finally have an account! It has been so long, thanks people!

  6. Chris // 8/24/2008 03:09:00 AM  

    In thanks for the code, and since I received one from two people, I will post the other one up here.

    Here ya go!



  7. Chris // 8/24/2008 03:12:00 AM  

    p.s. it may be 3:09AM there, but here it is 5:40PM. The time gap is probably why I missed the codes posted, but special thanks to the people who sent me a code, Diego and Eric! It will not be abused I promise!

  8. ~*Sean's Baby*~ // 8/24/2008 03:55:00 AM  

    I too now have activated an account.

    Thanks to the person that helped me!!!

  9. Cheng // 8/24/2008 06:37:00 PM  

    I'd really appreciate an invitation code as well. My email is czhang.web@gmail.com. Thanks in advance.

  10. ibbefareu // 8/24/2008 07:30:00 PM  

    Hey!..id love it if someone can please send me a demonoid invite..my email is


    ive been looking for an invite for atleast 2 years already and id love to have it!
    Thanks! :)

  11. windiz // 8/24/2008 09:35:00 PM  

    I've been hunting for fkn invitation for ages... But still belive in miracles ;)

  12. Christophe // 8/24/2008 09:53:00 PM  

    I would be thanksfull if someone could invite me to demonoid.
    My email: ccordier@gmail.com
    Thanx in advance.
    Peace to you all

  13. Donnie // 8/25/2008 02:26:00 AM  

    could someone please send me a invitation code for demonoid. thanks in advance


  14. canada // 8/25/2008 08:19:00 AM  

    I wait for an invitation code for 1 month and missed all. Would anyone can help me to get one? I will contribe my code after I got membership. Thank you.
    my email:lgau2008-regbbs@yahoo.com.cn

  15. crypto // 8/25/2008 11:07:00 AM  

    Could someone email me an invitation code?

  16. There's My Chippy! // 8/26/2008 12:06:00 AM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  17. Moonkai // 8/26/2008 07:59:00 PM  

    I've been trying to get a demonoid invite for a LONG, LONG time.
    It seems I miss open signup every single time. If anybody's got an extra invite code, I would love them forever. (jake@steamthis.com)

  18. soojung // 8/27/2008 10:23:00 AM  

    MY EMAIL IS Soojung.kwon@gmail.com

  19. yen // 8/30/2008 07:46:00 PM  

    please please please can someone send me a invitation code ..

    ive been waiting for them to open again, no luck though. plur ..
    be-safe everyone

  20. yen // 8/30/2008 07:52:00 PM  

    oh yeah, my e-mail


    silly me. .

  21. Dimeji // 9/02/2008 03:07:00 PM  

    I have BTzone.org HD-bits.ro and Demonoid invite. I am willing to trade one of this invites for a thevault.bz invite or for a Bitme.org invite.

    If you wish to trade, PM me. dimejiusman@yahoo.com

  22. Robert // 9/03/2008 06:45:00 PM  

    If one of you kind souls would be so kind as to throw an invite my way, I promise to share the love.

    I own about 75% of the Criterion Collection and I promise to upload one a week, so even non-members can get the torrent files.


  23. chunky // 9/05/2008 03:38:00 PM  

    appreciate if somebody can send me an invitation code to chanakacgw@gmail.com

    Demoniod was something i always wanted to get into, so i hope all the people who had similar experience would understand and send me.

  24. Routy128 // 9/05/2008 11:54:00 PM  

    Could someone please send me a demonoid code? I have a supertorrent code if you want it in exchange. My email is mbrown128@gmail.com

  25. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 9/11/2008 03:19:00 PM  

    Watch this countdown for latest giveaway:

  26. TEAM FILEnetworks // 9/13/2008 12:52:00 PM  

    Check here for latest giveaways:


  27. subeihi // 10/26/2008 04:25:00 PM  


  28. 123 // 12/23/2008 07:32:00 AM  

    Can someone please send me invite for thevalut at asad.adeel@gmail.com Please

  29. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 1/01/2009 12:25:00 AM  

    Use this link to locate the latest invitation code giveaway threads. You’ll be better off posting your requests in the latest thread rather than on old threads opened a while ago.

  30. Kal // 5/21/2009 08:33:00 AM  

    me too. i want 1 demonoid invitaion code/. thanks.