I came across this nice little utility named HDDlife Pro while browsing a support forum. Installed it for the hell of it but ended up actually liking the app for it's good set of features and nice interface. Two of quite uncommon features I found which HDDlife had and other similar utilities did not were the hard drive temperature monitor and the hard disk age calculator. Check it out - it's the download is just under 10mb.


Developer Description

Knowing about a possible failure in the work of your hard drive means having time to prevent all your data from being lost . HDDlife® is a usable program that will allow you to control the health of your hard drive using an intuitive interface. Just run the program and it will show you the list of your disks with the percentage of their health left , as well as their temperature.

HDDlife® can work in the preventative mode when it checks the health of your hard drives at regular intervals and informs you about the results of these checks in an unobtrusive way. If you get warned about a possible hard drive failure , you will protect yourself against losing your naturally priceless personal data.

  • Hard Drive Health Control with S.M.A.R.T.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Regular Checkups
  • See It Right the First Time with JustNow!™ - HDDlife® employs a trademarked unique technology called JustNow!™ that allows you to see the health and performance of your hard drives immediately when you start HDDlife.
  • Protect Your Backups - HDDlife® supports external hard drives connected over USB. You'll see immediately if your backups are in danger because of a problem developing in an external drive!
  • Save Power - HDDlife® is not limited to monitoring your disk's health. It can cut your power bills by reducing your disk's power consumption
  • Control Noise Levels
  • See Your Drive's Health and Performance Anywhere! - HDDlife® displays your drive's health, working temperature, amount of free space, and performance numbers in a convenient manner thanks to just another trademarked technology - AnywhereView™.
  • A Digital Thermometer for Your Hard Drive - HDDlife® monitors and displays your drive's working temperature. Why is this important? Because even a moderate increase in working temperature results in a drastic decline of your drive's performance.
  • Free Space Monitor
  • How Old Is Your Disk? - Buying a used hard drive can be a gamble. You never know how long it's been used.
  • Remote Health and Performance Monitoring for Network Administrators

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