DVDQuorum is a private torrent tracker specializing in movies, sports, animation and documentaries in DVDR format (DVD5 or DVD9 releases). It's a tracker with Spanish origins but it does track a substantial amount of English content as well.

DVDquorum has 41500+ members and tracks over 10500 torrent at time of this post. If you don't like XviD/DivX compressed rips and prefer the DVD-R release (and have the bandwidth to manage the huge size) don't forget to check this tracker out!


Site Name: DVDQuorum

Signup Process:

The signup process is not the usual. You need to first sign up in their forums and then use that user name when registering for the tracker.

  1. Register in forums: http://www.dvdquorum.es/foro/index.php?action=register
  2. Click confirmation mail to activate forum account.
  3. Register for tracker: http://bt.dvdquorum.es/signup.php
  4. Click confirmation mail to activate account.


  • Animation
  • Sports
  • Documentaries
  • IMDB 250
  • Music
  • Other
  • NTSC Films
  • PAL Films
  • Series