Out of the hundred odd private trackers we have posted , majority are 0Day/Scene trackers. Although most of these track the same content and have the same features, there have been several newcomers such as SCL and GFT that were different. Be A Scener seems to be one such site that is not just another 0Day tracker.

That being said, the site was launched on the 11th and is brand new. Already the member count has exceeded 750 and the site now tracks over 400 torrents; pretty impressive statistics for a tracker that is only two days old.

The main difference i noticed about this tracker is the uploads. Contrary to most other sites that use the help of human uploaders, BSC uses a bot which them call 'AUTOBOT'. AUTOBOT is responsible for uploading releases from scene related FTPs and topsites to the tracker without human intervention. The automated nature ensures that most scene releases are uploaded and good pre times but there is also the downside of some torrents not being seeded or being left with only 1 seeder. However automatic uploads is not all what BSC has to offer. They also have the entire site on free leech at random times! There is also the talk of packs and an archive sections being introduced.

The site is now open for new registrations so check it out.


Site Name: Be A Scener (BSC)

Signup URL: http://beascener.com/signup.php


  • 0DAY
  • APPS
  • DOX
  • DVDR
  • MP3
  • MVID
  • Packs
  • TV-X264
  • WII
  • X264
  • XBOX360
  • XVID
  • XXX