ReleaseLog (RLSLOG) hacked?

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 8/29/2008 | | 0 Comments »

It looks as if the popular scene releases indexing site ReleaseLog (better known as RLSLOG) has been hacked. There was an automatic redirect in place earlier that redirected all visitors to a notification about a new site named is supposedly the new site from ex-RlsLog editors. Now the redirect seems to have been removed and on the homepage is a post by the administrator account. Judging by the comments from editors, it looks as if they are barred from making new posts.

rlslog hacked

Around two weeks ago there was this whole drama about several of RLSLOG editors leaving the site due to a conflict with the admin.

RLSLOG IRC Channel now has the following topic:

* Topic is 'Yes has been hacked, please be patient all will be fixed soon.'
* Set by Flat on Fri Aug 29 08:59:57

Anyway hacking the site in a childish manner does not seem to be the right way to resolve the problem and I really hope this won't be then end of RLSLOG as it was really a nice site.

Update: It seems that Martin (RLSLOG admin) has regained control of the site and everything seems to be normal.