Privacy and security have nowadays become important topics in online file sharing. For those who seek secure file sharing with no limits, the public launch of should definitely be good news.

How does it work?

It's pretty simple actually. Once you get registered on, you get 1Gb storage space for free. You can increase the storage space beyond the 1GB limit by trading unused hard disk space you have or you can simply buy storage space for money. You can upload files to your online storage and the most important factor here is that the files will be stored in encrypted form.

Once you do upload files to your storage, you can choose to share them with friends (hence file-sharing). You simply need to select a folder that you wish to share and choose which of your friends can see it. Only the friends you choose will be able to download the file. The best part about downloading is that supports streaming; if you are sharing a video file, the recipient does not have to wait till the file is completed - he will be able to watch it as it is being downloaded!

There are many other cool features to this wonderful service. You can view detailed information about them from here. was in beta test phase for almost an year. The public launch was done only few days ago and there are already more than 50000 registered members. At time of post, 10,821,920 files are stored in!

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