We've already made a post about Bit Chec some time back but that was about an older build. Build 60 of Bit Che was released back in March and it features a lot of improvements over the previous version including support for more than 25 trackers being added.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name Bit Che, it is an application which allows you to search over 66 different torrent sites (both public and private) via a user friendly interface. The searches can be sorted by site name, number of seeders, leechers etc. You can either choose to directly download the torrent file from within Bit Che (it will automatically detect your default torrent client) or you can visit the torrent description page on the tracker. For the searching of private trackers, you need to specify your user name and password for that site; this is a one time thing only and you don't have to do this every time you use the tracker.

This app is very useful if you use several different torrent sites and find it a pain to repeat the same search over in all of the sites. The only con i found with the application is that it lacks support for some of the high level trackers such as SceneAccess (SCC), SCL and SceneTorrents (SCT).

bit che

Supported trackers

Public Sites:

  • PirateBay.org
  • IsoHunt.com
  • iniNova.org
  • BTJunkie.org
  • EZTVefnet.org
  • Mp3Nova.org
  • BTMon.com
  • BTSwarm.org
  • BushTorrents.com
  • h33t.com
  • MyBitTorrent.com
  • NewTorrents.info
  • SloTorrent.net
  • Snarf-it.org
  • TodoTorrents.com (Spanish)
  • TorrentBox.com
  • TorrentPortal.com
  • TorrentReactor.net
  • ZeroTracker.com

Private Trackers:

  • Araditracker.com
  • BitChile.com (Spanish)
  • BitNation.com
  • BitSoup.org
  • BlackCats-Games.net
  • BoxTorrents.com
  • Demonoid.com
  • DidiDave.com
  • DimeaDozen.org
  • TheDVDClub.org
  • FileList.org
  • FileMP3.org
  • FunFile.org
  • HDbits.org
  • iPodNova.tv
  • IPTorrents.com
  • Luciferadreams.org
  • Merc-Tech.org
  • Midnight-Torrents
  • MySpleen.net
  • Oink.me.uk (beta support)
  • PirateBay.org (members)
  • RevolutionTT.net
  • SceneMachine
  • Snarf-It.org (members)
  • Status-X.net
  • STMusic.org
  • SuperTorrents.org
  • Takeabyte.org
  • TheBox.bz
  • ThePeerHub
  • TorrentBytes.net
  • Torrent-Damage.net
  • Torrential.kicks-ass
  • TorrentPhase.com
  • Torrents.bol.bg
  • Torrents.ru


[Click Here] to visit Bit Che download page. The setup file is only 1.31MB.