TV Vault is a new private tracker that aims to specialize in rare and old television series. The first thing I noticed about this tracker immediately after I joined was the Gazelle codebase as only a handful number of trackers (including use this as of yet.

Anyway it is still too early to say whether TV-Vault as a torrent site would succeed or not as the site is brand new. However it does show a lot of promise. There are not many trackers specializing in old TV series and the decision to go with the Gazelle codebase shows the admin's desire to experiment. At the moment there are 364 users and 25 torrents indexed but these numbers are sure to grow as the word spreads. As for the content tracked, here is what the administrator had to say about it:

"well, tv vault doesn't want to be like all the other tv sites out there, not because it's emo but because it appreciates that most new and popular tv is crap, just like we do. if you agree with us then we might have a beautiful relationship ahead of us"

Signups are open (although the site is still in beta) so check it out!

tv vault

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