Sri Lanka Cyber Games 2008 (SLCG), the biggest PC gaming event in Sri Lankan history, has come to a close and official results of the events held have been released. SLCG 2008 was held on the 15th, 16th and 17th August 2008 at the BMICH premises with many Sri Lankan gamers taking part. The following gaming tournaments were held; Counter Strike 1.6, Call of Duty 4, DOTA (Defense of the Ancients), StarCraft and FIFA 08.


The official results as as follows (according to SLCG site):

Counter Strike 1.6

New to the scene, team Xtrap did amazingly well to reach the SLCG finals as an untrained team, showing pure talent that should be fine tuned for future tournaments. Team Liquid showed Sri Lanka that they are leagues ahead of any other CS team in the country by breezing through SLCG to grab the CS champions title.

  • Champions: Team Liquid
  • Runners-up: Xtrap

Call of Duty 4

A match worthy of a final, The Alliance and Infinity Gamers battled it out over three nail biting maps. In the end IG's dedicated practice and superior strats pushed them ahead and on to the title of SLCG COD4 champions.

  • Champions: Infinity Gamers
  • Runners-up: The Alliance


DOTA played out as everyone expected, with the unrivaled Team Death taking the SLCG champions title after a relatively close match with GHUT in the finals.

  • Champions: Team Death
  • Runners-up: GHUT


Two SC veterans Jeeves and Sub went head to head at the bo3 SC finals. Jeeves came out on top to clinch the SLCG Starcraft Champions title.

  • Champion: Jeeves
  • Runner-up: Sub

FIFA 08 

Leon who is ranked 13 worldwide at FIFA 08 by EA Sports took the SLCG champions title with GHUT Hero coming runner-up.

  • Champion: Leon
  • Runner-up: GHUT Hero

Congratulations to all the winners from TEAM FILEnetworks! If you missed the chance to take part in SLCG 2008 keep your hopes up as there will definitely be SLCG 2009. In the meantime you can take part in online gaming tournaments held by Gamer.LK which are just as awesome.

[Click Here] to visit SLCG official site

[Click Here] to visit Gamer.LK Sri Lankan gaming portal and forum.


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