Here is some good news for Aussies (and those who like Aussie content); popular private torrent tracker is now open for new signups. tracks a lot of TV shows, Movies, sports, etc content originating from Australia and New Zealand.

The tracker has been around for a while and over time gradually increased its popularity. At time of this post tracks 15232 torrents and has a user base of 18582. Apart from a large number of Austrilian and Zew Zealand television shows, this tracks does track a significant among of sports torrents mainly Cricket, Motor Sports, Boxing and now the Olympics.

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  • Australian TV
    AU-AUTOGEN, AU-Comedy, AU-Crime, AU-Documentaries, AU-Drama/Soap, AU-Game/Quiz Shows, AU-Kids Shows, AU-Lifestyle, AU-News/Current Affair, AU-Other, AU-Real Crime, AU-Reality TV, AU-Science/Medical, AU-Talkshows, AU-Telemovies
  • New Zealand TV
    NZ-AUTOGEN, NZ-Comedy, NZ-Crime, NZ-Documentaries, NZ-Drama/Soap, NZ-Game/Quiz Shows, NZ-Kids Shows, NZ-Lifestyle, NZ-News/Current Affair, NZ-Real Crime, NZ-Reality TV, NZ-Science/Medical, NZ-Talkshows, NZ-Telemovies, NZTV - Other
  • SATV - All
  • Sport All
    SP-Boxing, SP-Cricket, SP-Motor Sports, SP-Netball, SP-Other, SP-Rugby League, SP-Rugby Union, SP-Soccer, SP-Swimming
  • TV-Other