Popular private tracker BrokenStones went offline when the Malaysian government pressured the ISPs to terminate some of the torrent sites hosted in the country. The loss of BrokenStones was felt strongly by the community as it was one of the very few Mac trackers on the net. Following BrokenStones demise, several new Mac trackers popped up they were not quite the same.


However, BrokenStones members can now rejoice as it is now back online. According to site admins, they have changed hosts. The following E-Mail was sent to members:

"After a little down time the site is back up. We are on a new host and the site is fast, smoking fast!
Since the entire site had to be moved there will mostly be bugs here and there. Please be patient and let us know about them....
Welcome back everyone
Freeleech :grin:"

The user database seems to have suffered no damages in the move and your old username and password should still work. The site however is not open for new signups at the moment.