Most of us know what uTorrent is and probably use it as the default bittorrent client. But have you ever heard of a portable edition of uTorrent? By portable I mean it has the ability to run from a removable drive (i.e. - USB flash drive) on a number of different machines without having to re-install or re-configure. The best thing about this is that you are even able to resume and complete downloads you started on different computers.


Developer description


Unrar the containing file to you usb flash disk and use it just like the installed one.

Where do your downloads go?

Your files will be downloaded to:

uTorent folder\Data\%drive_C%\utorrent\Downloads

and you will be able to continue your downloads even on another pc. It is recommended not to change the download location.

How to update from previous versions:

If you are using previous versions of portable utorrent (1.76 or 1.77)
you can easily replace the "utorrent.exe" with the new one and you can yet resume all your previous downloads.

What is new in 1.8 portable by HDSoft:

  1. The data folder will be automatically
    created if it is not present.
  2. There is no temp directory for downloads anymore because it takes many time to move the downloaded file to another directory espacially on a usb flash disc.
  3. The torrents categorized better than before.
  4. Help and .lng files are included.
  5. And many minor bugs fixed.

Who Developed it?

An individual named Hesam Davoodi developed it and uploaded it to the H33T tracker. You can contact the developer via


[Click Here] to download the torrent from H33T tracker.