TorrentBytes is probably one of the best low level private trackers out there. It's fairly easy to get into, has everything you need (General and 0Day content) and has an active community. As i see it, the real uniqueness of TorrentBytes comes with it's amazing packs. They have excellent packs for games, movies, music and TV series. Most of these are on free leech (only upload is recorded in your stats) and are pretty well seeded.


Image: Screeshot of some of the movie packs at TB

The site currently has a little under 70000 users and tracks 4301 torrents. The seeder/Leecher ratio on this tracker at time of this post is a whopping 756%.

If you still havent signed up yet, here is your chance. There is still room for a couple hundred members and sign ups open open right now. As you may already know this tracker does not have an invite system so the ony way you can get in is during open signups.

Site Name: TorrentBytes

Signup URL:

Description: General 0Day, Excellent movie/tv/app/game packs

Signup Notes:

  • Captcha is insanely hard to recognize and is case sensitive.
  • Read the FAQ and Rules (open them and scroll) during the registration process (before the countdown reaches 0 and you hit 'signup').
  • Use Upper case + Lower case characters and and a minimum 10 characters in your Password (or signup will fail).
  • If you mess any of the above up, you will have to keep trying again till you get the registration form.


  1. whosez // 12/17/2008 04:29:00 PM  

    sup,its open again as i if you haven't spread the word..but i gotta say,the sign up itself is a fight to,i keep getting very dumb errors lol :r