It’s been almost a month since we last posted about a dedicated HD torrents tracker. Hi-Definition Torrents (or HD Torrents) is a private torrent tracker which indexes and tracks a lot of Blu-Ray Movies, HD DVD Movies, HD TV Shows (HDTV), HDDVDRips, BDRips and Blu-Ray Rips (BRRip). Apart from English Hi Def movies and TV Shows, HD-Torrents tracks documentaries, anime, music videos and adult content in high definition format as well.

This tracker has its roots in Bulgaria but the language can easily be set to English and Deutsch (even from the signup page) as well so non Bulgarian users can enjoy this tracker just fine. Hi-Definition Torrents indexes both scene and non scene (p2p) releases. Currently there are over 900 torrents of HD content on this tracker. Most of these torrents are well seeded. Apart from usual releases, HD-Torrents track a few unique packs of their own as well:

hd torrents packs

There is also a requests feature on this tracker through which users can request content not already uploaded to the site. Hi-Definition Torrents is currently open for new signups and interested readers may join for free. Check it out.

hi definition torrents

Site Name: Hi-Definition Torrents (HD-Torrents)

Signup URL:

Categories: Original, x264 Movies (720p, 1080p), x264 HDTV, x264 Doc, x264 Anime, Music, XXX, Other


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