If you are a reader of FILEnetworks Blog, chances are high that you download (or buy) most of the latest PC game releases. But as a PC gamer, you may already be aware that modern games have demanding hardware requirements and your rig may not always be able to play them smoothly. If you are getting the frame rates of a PowerPoint presentation with latest PC titles, try TweakGuides.com.


TweakGuides is home to hundreds of well written tutorials that will help you tweak and configure your game to obtain maximum performance with minimal loss of visual quality. The best feature of these guides is that they are not limited to general advice such as update your video card drivers, install latest patches, etc, etc.

Instead, TweakGuides present you with detailed guides specific to each PC game. These usually include details of every in game setting, screenshots of how the game will look like with and without certain options enabled, details of what you’ll miss out on if you disable certain options and so on. For the power users, TweakGuides even offers editing the game configuration files manually to unlock options and settings not presented via the in game menus. For example, check the Fallout 3 Tweak Guide via this link. 

In short, TweakGuides is an excellent resource for those with mid range and budget systems and will them get a decent performance with minimal loss of visual quality.

[Click Here] to visit TweakGuide homepage.