Romanian ShareReactor (better known as RsR) is an excellent  private tracker for general/0-day content which is currently open for signup. Non-Romanian users need not be scared by the word ‘Romanian’ in tracker name; RsR tracks mainly English content (and even the menus and interface is English). It tracks all major scene releases as well as releases from P2P groups such as iAPULA. With over 10000 active users and nearly 4500 active torrents, RsR is definitely a general tracker worth being a member of.

Apart from usual scene and p2p releases which can be found on most general trackers, ShareReactor has a lot of unique packs of their own.


Screenshot: Some of the many packs at RsR

Some of these packs are on free leech and can be used for ratio building as seeding is not that easy here. Download speeds are generally excellent and pre times are great.

Usually you need an invite to get into RsR and they almost never have open signups (last opened on Jan 2007). If you were trying to get into this tracker, this is your lucky break. On the site homepage it reads:

Invites status

There are 3110 places available (6110 with a invite).

However there are already negative comments about the open signup appearing on their forums so hurry and make a run for it as you don’t want to be left behind if they decide to shut the doors .


Site Name: Romanian ShareReactor (RsR)

Signup URL:


Anime & Manga, Apps, Consoles, Dox & E-books, DVD-R RoSubbed, Games, Games[Oldies], Images, Linux/Unix, Mobile, Movies, [Documentaries], Movies[DVD-R], Movies[Oldies], Movies[x264], Movies[XviD], Movies[XXX], Music, Music[Videos], Series & TVRips, TV[x264]


  1. torrenter // 11/09/2008 04:36:00 PM  

    I've been trying to get into this tracker and have wasted countless hours trying to obtain an invite. Finally!
    Thanks and keep up your excellent work.

  2. zamolxis // 11/09/2008 09:52:00 PM  

    I've just signed up - and it seems like an excellent tracker - with lots of packs and free HD.