Tang Soo Do (TSD) is an excellent private torrent tracker which tracks a lot of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), UFC and other similar events. Content on this tracker is similar to FullContactZone (FCZ - Signups Open) but TSD index more content than FCZ as of now. Apart from videos of UFC and MMA events, Tang Soo Do tracks a lot of E-books and video tutorials (instructional) on various martial arts techniques.

Currently there are over 1200 active torrents tracked by TSD. Most of these are well seeded. TSD also tracks a lot of unique packs:


If you are a student of martial arts or just seeking to download latest UFC/MMA videos for free, you’ll find TSD to be a great resource. The site is currently open for signup and will continue to be open for a week from now on. Grab this opportunity to get registered as it’s not everyday that this tracker has open signups.


Site Name: Tang Soo Do (TSD)

Signup URL: http://www.tang-soo-do.us/account-signup.php


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