In the past few months a lot of private torrent trackers have been posted on FILEnetworks Blog but I don’t think we’ve posted anything similar to Guns N’ Roses Tracker 3.0 (GNR). Guns N’ Roses is a private torrent tracker which specializes in music released by the U.S. rock band Guns N’ Roses. GNR tracks a lot of lossless music and has almost all DVD/CDs released by the band between the period of 1986 and 2007. Although one might think that running a BitTorrent tracker dedicated to a single rock band will result in limited content and a small user base, it is not the case with GNR. Currently there are 1400+ torrents and nearly 2000 members on this tracker. It’s actually an excellent place for Guns N Roses fans to share music and videos.

The site is currently open for signups and new members may register for free. If you are a GNR fan, this tracker is a must have.

guns n roses 

Site Name: Guns N Roses Tracker 3.0

Signup URL:


  • DVD
  • GNR 1986 DVD
  • GNR 1987 DVD
  • GNR 1988 DVD
  • GNR 1989 DVD
  • GNR 1990 DVD
  • GNR 1991 DVD
  • GNR 1992 DVD
  • GNR 1993 DVD
  • GNR 1994 DVD
  • GNR 2001 DVD
  • GNR 2002 DVD
  • GNR 2006 DVD
  • GNR 2007 DVD
  • GNR DVD-covers
  • GNR xx.xx.xxxx DVD
  • Lossless


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