HungeCity is a very uncommon and unique private torrent tracker. I bet you’ve seen plenty of General/0day trackers but have you ever seen a tracker that specializes in unreleased audio and video recordings? Here is how HungeCity admins describe the site:

HungerCity is a BitTorrent tracker for audio and video recordings of independent origin (ROIO) which have not been officially released.

Even though it specializes in a rather uncommon niche, HungerCity is not short of content (or members for that matter). There are currently over 3000 torrents tracked by HungerCity and the site has an active user base close to 15000.


As you can see from the screenshot above, you are bound to discover a lot of hidden gems not found on any other torrent tracker currently online (some not found even on dedicated music trackers). There are some nice packs and DVD collections among many other releases. The site is currently open for signup so go check it out.


Site Name: The HungerCity Tracker

Signup URL:

Categories: (A) – Audio, (V) – Video, (A&V) – Audio and Video

  • B. Springsteen (A)
  • B. Springsteen (V)
  • Bluegr. & Country (A&V)
  • Blues & Jazz (A&V)
  • Bob Dylan (2007/2008)
  • Bob Dylan (A)
  • Bob Dylan (R)
  • Bob Dylan (V)
  • David Bowie (A)
  • David Bowie (V)
  • Elvis Presley (A &V)
  • Eric Clapton (A)
  • Eric Clapton (V)
  • George Harrison (A&V)
  • Grateful Dead (A)
  • Grateful Dead (V)
  • Jimi Hendrix (A)
  • Jimi Hendrix (V)
  • John Lennon (A&V)
  • Johnny Cash (A&V)
  • Johnny Thunders (A&V)
  • Led Zeppelin (A)
  • Led Zeppelin (V)
  • Lou Reed (A)
  • Lou Reed (V)
  • Neil Young (2007/2008)
  • Neil Young (A)
  • Neil Young (V)
  • Obscurities (A&V)
  • Paul McCartney (A&V)
  • Pink Floyd (A)
  • Pink Floyd (V)
  • Punk & Ska (A&V)
  • Reggae Roots (A&V)
  • Ringo Starr (A&V)
  • Rolling Stones (A)
  • Rolling Stones (V)
  • Songwriters & Folk (A&V)
  • The Beatles (A)
  • The Beatles (R)
  • The Beatles (V)
  • Tom Waits (A&V)
  • Various Artists (A)
  • Various Artists (V)


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