When you hear the name SeductionGR, you might imply that this is a porn tracker or an adult torrent tracker of some kind. But in fact it is not. SeductionGR tracks a lot of a lifestyle and business related content that will help you get on with your life. It has a lot of E-Books and videos related to dating, social interactions, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Business (money making, business management, etc), Hypnosis and so on. At time of this post, there are over 1500 registered members on SeductionGR and it tracks over 3500 torrents.

There are only a handful BitTorrent trackers such as BizTorrents (Open), The Place, The Vault and BitSeduce that specialize in lifestyle and business content. SeductionGR is definitely another great tracker specializing in this niche and is well worth checking out.


Site Name: SeductionGR

Signup URL: http://www.seductiongr.com/signup.php

How to get in to SeductionGR:

1. Visit the SeductionGR signup page via this link

2. Fill out the signup form. Answer the 5 signup questions to the best of your knowledge. Provide a valid and active E-mail address.

3. SeductionGR staff will review your application and if the answers you gave to signup questions 1-5 are good enough, you will receive an E-mail with the account confirmation URL.

Good Luck!