The first part of this article, which featured some of the best sites for full mobile appz, games and themes, was published about a month back. Click here to read the first part of the article.

This post is an extension to the previous article and features several more sites from which you can download cracked applications for mobile phones, games, themes and ringtones for free. Supported mobile devices (phones, PDAs, iPOD, etc) range from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Windows Mobile, Siemens, LG, Samsung and many others.

Note that some of these sites may require you to login before you download anything. Registration for all these sites is free and currently open for all users. We have included the registration URL below each site for your convenience.

1. GSM Hacks


At a glance, GSM Hacks will look like your average mobile reviews and news site. Actually it’s much more than that; GSM Hacks Forums is where all the fun is. Their “Mobile Applications” section in General Discussion forums is home to many cracked (and non cracked) Symbian OS 9.1 Applications, Symbian Series 60/80/90 Applications, Pocket PC & Windows Smartphone Applications and Sony Ericsson Applications. Finding a particular item by browsing all the threads is not easy at GSM Hacks so it would be wise to use the search feature.

Site Name: GSM Hacks
Registration URL: 

2. Noeman GSM

noeman GSM

Noeman GSM, which is part of the Noeman Network, is a huge online community with nearly 370000 members. Check under ‘Mobile Software Solutions’ and ‘Mobile Multimedia’ sections in their forums and you will find a lot of full applications, games and themes for S60, UIQ, S80, S90, Pocket PC, Smartphone, java based mobile devices. Some of the cracked applications are scene releases.

Site Name: Noeman GSM
Registration URL:

3. Mobiles Mania

mobiles mania

Mobiles Mania is a huge community of mobile users with 313000+ members. You can download a lot of cracked applications and full games for Symbian OS-9.1/9.2/9.3, Symbian 60 Series, Nokia 40 Series, Nokia N-Gage, Nokia 30 Series, Symbian 80 and  Sony Ericsson/UIQ. Apart from usual apps and games, Mobiles Mania has a lot of software packs and even mobile optimized movies.  It’s definitely a site worth checking out.

Site Name: Mobiles Mania
Registration URL:

4. NokiaApps


NokiaApps is a forum which indexes a lot of applications and games for the Symbian platform. They also have a decent number of applications for Smartphone, Windows mobile and other mobile platforms. Apart from applications, NokiaApps has a fair amount of media for mobile devices such as wallpapers and movies.

Site Name: NokiaApps
Registration URL:

5. Other sites

There are several other places where you can get your hands on cracked mobile appz, games, themes and the likes. You may want to check out which has over 1500 posts all featuring S60V3 appz including scene releases. It updates several times a day and the links are pretty reliable.

6. BitTorrent trackers specializing in mobile content

If you are a fan of the BitTorrent protocol, there are a lot torrent trackers dedicated to mobile stuff you might want to check out. Here is a brief list of them; click on a link for more information on the site.

For updates on signup status on trackers such as StB or to get updated information on new torrent trackers with mobile content, watch for updates in our Private Trackers section or simply keep reading


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  1. whosez // 12/26/2008 11:37:00 PM  

    Does anyone know where illusion moved his appz,and where he moved to,he is no longer on ipmart..banned or something,i consider him the god of symbian,the best cracker..what site is he in now?

  2. xx // 1/24/2009 07:14:00 PM  

    anyone knows any good iphone apps site or tracker?

  3. grapher // 3/25/2010 03:08:00 PM  

    whosez Illusion joined in opda, and nokiaapps is now pdaapps

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