‘TV Land’ (TVL) shut down

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 11/29/2008 | , | 0 Comments »

On of the largest paytoleech (P2L) sites in existence, TV-Land (TVL), was shut down by Dutch anti piracy group BREIN only two days ago. It’s not operation site down all over again or anything like that but this will still be a blow to at least a few BitTorrent trackers who depended on TV Land for their releases. Pay to Leech (P2L) sites are where you can get access to scene released 0-Day (zero day) for a fee. 

Interestingly, TV-Land was shut down after a scene notice exposed the affiliation between P2P sites and TV-Land. One of the BitTorrent trackers hit hard by the shutdown is SceneTorrents (SCT). ScT is usually one of the first trackers to track scene releases but their pre times suffered greatly during the time TVL was down. BREIN’s press release (you might want to translate it) claims TV Land is the largest topsite ever to be busted - of this I am not so sure. It does not look like any arrests were made but all 3 servers of the site (which were hosted on Leaseweb btw) have reportedly been seized.

This whole incident most likely will not affect ScT in the long run; TV Land was not the only PayToLeech site there existed. New sites go online, some sites get shut down; it’s a vicious cycle.