Great news for fans of cartoons and animations – CartoonChaos (CC) is having open signups this weekend (23rd and 24th May). CartoonChaos is a private BitTorrent tracker that tracks all sorts of cartoons, both old and new. Contrary to popular belief, CC is not a general kids tracker – this site is about cartoons and cartoons only (other general kids content are tracked by TorrentKids, CC’s sister site). This tracker has been around for a while (exactly 1 year old as of today) and it’s probably the first specialized cartoon only tracker to hit the BitTorrent scene. It’s a small community but CC could easily become a second home to you if you are a lover of animation.


As of 23/5/2009, CartoonChaos tracks over 1100 active torrents. It appears that CC’s administration prefers a small community of dedicated, active members –  it’s closed for public registration most of the time. The small size of the user base has its advantages but this has also caused some of the indexed torrents to be seeded only by 1 seeder or become inactive (dead). As of now CC’s user base has exceeded 900 members and is expected to increase further following the open signups.

As we previously mentioned CartoonChaos is all about cartoons. From kids toons to adult cartoons you can find pretty much everything here. CC does not only track scene releases – it has some great user uploads which are not usually found on other private trackers making it a really specialized site. Pack on CartoonChaos can be found in the ‘Complete Sets’ category. Torrents in this section usually comprise of full seasons packs of popular toons – almost all of these are on free leech (denoted by the gold coin next to torrent name). Following is a screenshot of some of the releases found in the ‘Complete Sets’ category:

cartoonchaos complete sets

As mentioned at the start of this article, CartoonChaos is open for public registrations during this weekend. Following is an announcement posted on the site regarding open signups:

We'd like to welcome all our new users to our Open House Weekend! That's right for this weekend only we're opening our doors so spread the word because after that they'll be closed again!
New users please take 5-10 mins and read our RULES! As on most sites accounts are judged by ratio and activity - anything you snatch you need to seed for 7 days (168 hrs) or until you reach a 1:1 ratio.
You'll also notice that our torrents are also all free leech (see the gold coins) this will remain until June so enjoy and seed until you bleed!
Also you are free to upload as long as you follow our UPLOAD GUIDE which has a link on the torrent uploading page. Have a read before you try and upload anything, and if you have any questions just ask staff or post in the forums.
Once again welcome and please treasure your new accounts as with most things in life second chances are few and far between!
CC Staff

Also, don’t forget to check out the various themes on CC – they have a ton of these based on popular cartoons. 

Site Name: CartoonChaos (

Signup URL:


  • Kids Cartoons
  • Mature Cartoons
  • Banned
  • Animated Adverts
  • Educational Toons
  • Animated Movies
  • Anime Movies
  • Anime Series
  • Animated Adverts
  • Theme Tunes
  • Sound Tracks
  • Complete Sets

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  1. Dan // 5/24/2009 02:49:00 AM  

    Wow, great news. Thx!!

  2. mkdgraham // 5/24/2009 02:49:00 AM  

    Thank you for the great article.

    We welcome any and all who are interested in cartoons/anime. We also have our own dedicated team of cappers whose goal is to bring you the newest shows that are generally not available any where else.

  3. wilmark // 5/25/2009 12:35:00 AM  

    If you want an awesome hd invite - go to the forums and make a few contributions and the admins should send you free invites.