If you’ve been following BitTorrent news lately you might remember the recent shut down of private torrent trackers hosted in Latvia. Several large private torrent communities including outlaw.lv and danger.lv were forced offline by Latvian authorities. Out of these trackers Outlaw.lv displayed the following message soon after it went offline “Economic Police has shut down our project. Outlaw LV will be back in a new way and with a new mission”. And indeed they have returned, this time as ‘New Outlaw’. This is good news not only for Latvian torrenters but for BitTorrent users across the world as Outlaw has plenty of English content and scene releases as a General/0day tracker.


From site statistics it’s apparent that new Outlaw has retained both the user database as well as the torrent index of the old site. It’s still one of the larger private trackers with 53000+ users and 13700+ torrents. As we mentioned earlier non-Latvian users need not worry about the language – you can choose between English, Russian and Latvian languages from the signup page itself. The same goes for content tracked by Outlaw – apart from a few localized releases in Latvian and Russian languages (stay away from Movies_LAT and Movies_RUS categories), the majority of the content comprise of English scene and p2p releases.

In addition to usual torrents available on most general/0day trackers, Outlaw has a good number of exclusive packs (movie, TV and PC game packs mostly). Following screenshot captures some of the 0Day packs available on this tracker:

outlaw divx packs

Signups for new Outlaw are currently open. Interestingly, new users also get a whopping 99 invites upon registration. Check it out!

Site Name: Outlaw (http://newoutlaw.org)

Signup URL: http://newoutlaw.org/signup.php