At various points of time we have posted articles on various private torrent trackers that offer free IRC invites. IRC invites are probably one of the easiest and safest (but also one of the most underused) ways to get into a private site – you don’t need to worry about trading or the presence of known cheaters/scammers in the invite tree as the invitation comes directly from tracker staff/administration. So here is a list of 11 private trackers (plus 1 BitTorrent invite forum) and addresses of their free invite channels – hopefully this list will reduce the amount of invite begging you’ll have to do and provide easy access to at least a few of your favorite trackers.

Note that you might have to go through an interview or may be asked to provide speedtests, ratio proofs, etc during the IRC invite process. What you should do varies according to the tracker you are dealing with – we have provided tracker specific instructions where possible. Some common guidelines would be not to PM (private message) channel ops without permission and avoid spamming the channel.

Also, If you are an IRC noob, we suggest you read this article about mIRC and how to easily connect to an IRC channel using the software.

1. Tehconnection
Site Name: Tehconnection (
Type: Tehconnection is a Gazelle based movie tracker. More info can be found here.
Stats: 20800+ users and 7016 torrents
Invites IRC Channel: irc://
Tracker Specific Instructions: Yes. Read this article.

2. Torrent-Damage
Site Name: Torrent-Damage (
Type: Torrent Damage is an excellent General/0Day tracker running on a heavily customized version of Gazelle source. More info + screenshots can be found here
Stats: 40000+ users and 14700+ torrents
Invites IRC Channel: Channel #td-invite on Server  or (only mibbit is supported)
Tracker Specific Instructions: Yes. Follow step by step instructions in this article

3. Underground-Gamer
underground gamer
Site Name: Underground Gamer (
Type: Underground Gamer is a popular retro games torrent tracker.
Stats: ~30000 members and 7000+ torrents
Invites IRC Channel: irc://
Tracker Specific Instructions: No. Read the channel topic and most importantly read tracker rules before you ask for an invite. 

4. The Place 
Site Name: The Place (
Type: The Place is a popular lifestyle torrent tracker with videos, e-books and audio files related to day to day human life.
Stats: 6000+ users
Invites IRC Channel: irc://
Tracker Specific Instructions: Yes. Refer to this article.

5. The Vault 
Site Name: The Vault (
Type: TheVault.Bz has E-Books, videos, audio files, text documents and various other media associated with business related topics. This includes SEO, money making, sales/marketing, money management, etc.
Stats: 6700+ users
Invites IRC Channel: irc://
Tracker Specific Instructions: Yes. Please refer to this article.

6. BitGamer
Site Name: bitGAMER (
Type: bitGAMER is an excellent games torrent tracker. Our recent review of the site can be found here.
Stats: 21000+ members and 4000+ torrents
Invites IRC Channel: irc://
Tracker Specific Instructions: No. Read channel topic.

7. Pass The Popcorn
Site Name: PassThePopcorn (
Type: PassthePopcorn is a popular movie tracker based on customized gazelle source. More information can be found here.
Stats: 13500+ users and 8800+ torrents
Invites IRC Channel: irc://
Tracker Specific Instructions: No. Invites are given out based on interview results. Read channel topic first.

8. Animatoonic
Site Name: AnimaTooniC (
Type: AnimaTooniC is an Anime, Cartoons and Comics torrent tracker based on Gazelle. More info and screenshots can be found here.
Stats: 750+ members and 1000+ torrents
Invites IRC Channel: irc://
Tracker Specific Instructions: Yes. Refer to this article.

9. What.CD 
Site Name: What.CD (
Type: What.CD is one of the best (if not the best) music trackers.
Stats: close to 0.5 million torrents
Invites IRC Channel: irc://
Tracker Specific Instructions: Yes and if you try to get an invite without reading these, there is a high likelihood of failure.

10. BrokenStones
Site Name: BrokenStones (
Type: Brokenstones is a specialized Mac appz tracker.
Stats: 5000+ users
Invites Site:
Tracker Specific Instructions: Yes. Refer to this article.

11. TorrentTech
Site Name: TorrentTech (
Type: TorrentTech is a huge electronic music tracker.
Stats: 33500+ members and 46500+ torrents
IRC Channel: (requires java)
Tracker Specific Instructions: No. But reading the TT rules is strongly recommended. It may take a long time to actually get invited.

12. The Pirate Society
the pirate society
Site Name: The Pirate Society (
Invites Channel: irc://
Stats: ~5300+ members
Description: TPS is not a private tracker. It’s BitTorrent related forum with invites giveaways, news, recruitment and more. For more details of this site refer to this article.

Good Luck, Guys!


  1. Azzam // 5/02/2009 01:08:00 AM  

    You have been kicked from the chat room by WhatBot with the reason "Your entire country [Saudi Arabia] is banned from the invites channel. This is because of the very high proportion of users from this area being bad for the site - either leechers, traders, sellers and/or cheaters. - Does not expire." and cannot send further messages without rejoining.

  2. Yehhanyos // 5/02/2009 01:23:00 AM  

    Great article as usual :)

    I wanted to add (eBook/eLearning tracker), They state that at their signup page "You need an invite to Join the Community.
    Try our IRC channel for an invite." Server: - Channel: #bitspyder

    GFT (Scene/0Day). They do have an invite channel Server: - Channel: #gft-invites but they are not offering invites in it all the time, so, you will have to check and/or
    GFT's home page itself for updates - The topic says "Invites are closed please DO NOT idle here check the site for open invites Thx's"

    Another way to get yourself invited to Thepiratesociety is from Demonoid's forum

  3. Yehhanyos // 5/02/2009 01:32:00 AM  


    Yeah, this happens a lot, i was a member in both TC and TD and they banned the entire african continent i think including my country, I suggest you just wait some times (few months) and the ban might get lifted, until then look for alternatives.

  4. Andrei // 5/02/2009 01:13:00 PM  

    I think only US an Canada or Japan are allowed,because I'm from Romania and the bot kicked me for the same reason,m****r f*****s

  5. awesome // 5/02/2009 02:22:00 PM  

    Australia is allowed on What.CD. It's unfortunate that certain countries are banned, but this wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the users who didn't follow the rules. It certainly isn't the site's fault.

  6. parth // 5/02/2009 03:47:00 PM  

    Another dumb list of tracker.

    All Tracker Invite are damn Easy 2 find exept

  7. TEAM FILEnetworks // 5/02/2009 08:03:00 PM  

    "Another dumb list of tracker.
    All Tracker Invite are damn Easy 2 find exept"

    Yeah sure they might be easy to find. But there may be people who still don't know about these since not all have the same knowledge on private trackers. FILEnetworks is a blog for everyone - noobs, pros and everyone else in between.If you find a certain article that is an insult to your level of intelligence , you can easily not read it (or maybe provide suggestions on how to improve rather than trolling)..

    We wanted to add BitSpyder to the list as well. But it our last attempt to do so, they did not like their IRC being populated by so many members. So we chose to exclude it from the list this time around.

  8. Me // 5/02/2009 11:17:00 PM [TvT] is now open.
    Get in while you can!

  9. Dan // 5/03/2009 02:38:00 AM  

    Never heard of TorrentTech before, gonna try to check them out. Thanks for the post!

  10. Johan // 5/03/2009 05:40:00 AM  

    great post! many new memberships at trackers now! just waiting for the pretomekey, any news? :)

  11. TEAM FILEnetworks // 5/03/2009 09:04:00 AM  

    PTM admins have informed us that they wish to remain closed for some time. They have also told that they might send us a key towards the end of this year. So you may have to wait a while.

  12. dan // 7/15/2009 03:29:00 PM