Digital Hive (DH), a well established private torrent tracker, is celebrating its 3rd birthday this week. If you are a member of this tracker, you probably already know the good news – all torrents on the site have been made free leech for one whole week until the 13th of May. If you aren’t a member and is looking forward to get in, there’s even more good news - DH has opened registrations to the public till the 13th as well. Note that this is not a specialized tracker – DH is a general/0day tracker with movies, music, games, software, packs and other general content.


Digital Hive is one of the larger and well established general trackers out there. As of 6/5/2009 it tracks close to 8000 torrents and has an active user base of 15200+ members. DH is a pretty active place and is not a ghost town like some trackers – some of the more popular torrents have more than 150 seeders. Don’t forget to check out the Digital Hive FireFox extension which will enable you search the site right from within FireFox browser.

Speaking of the content on Digital Hive, expect a lot of scene and p2p releases to be available given that this is a general/0day tracker. There are however a lot of unique torrent collections; TV packs and movie packs. DH currently has around 70 movie packs and 175+ TV  packs. The screenshot below captures some of the movie packs on Digital Hive:

Digital Hive movie packs

As we mentioned above Digital Hive signups are now open to the public and will continue to remain open till the 13th of May. Following is quoted from the official news post on DH about free leech and open signups:

Its that time of year again, Wednesday May 6th is DigitalHives 3rd birthday!
As a birthday gift to all our loyal users we have set freeleech on -ALL- torrents until Wednesday May 13th! We have also opened the signups here to allow more people to join in on the celebration!
We will also be having contests through out the week, expect more news on this later today!
Thank you to all the Uploaders/Donors/Users who keep this place alive and heres to another great year!
UPDATE: There was a small issue with Uber Users still recording download stats, it has been fixed.
UPDATE#2: If you were getting HTTP500 errors they should also be resolved, update your torrents if needed.
//DH Staff

This tracker had been closed for the most part in the past year except for a few open signup windows which lasted for a mere few minutes. If you were waiting to get in, here is your chance – all new members start with 5GB free upload credit.

Site Name: Digital Hive (

Signup URL:

Thanks to ‘Chetan’ for the heads up!


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