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One by one, private torrent trackers that went down following TPB’s defeat in court are starting to re-emerge. PirateTorrents, SceneHD and Swepiracy have already returned and by the look of things life will soon be back to normal at the popular General/0Day tracker (The Internationals). Unlike most other Swedish trackers which received legal threats from Swedish anti-piracy agency, TTi did not shut down. They however removed all torrents pointing to copyrighted material and became a ‘legal only’ torrent site. This decision however disappointed many of the site’s users – if you are one such member who miss the ‘old TTi’, here is some good news.

TTi Quoted below is a post which can be found on TTi’s news section:

A new era is on the way!
Dear users,
For about a month now, TTi has gone through some rather rough changes. Due of the major turbulence around the Pirate Bay trial, trackers shutting down etc. it has not been safe running a Sweden-based site. Even though many of you have been very disappointed, we have seen a major increase in the number of users and the "new TTi" with legal material has been very warm welcomed by you guys and we are of course very stoked about this!
It's not that we also miss the old TTi, we are all sad that it had to be this way, but it was either that or shutting the tracker down completely, something that we will never do!
The donations to the site has been far from 100% for quite some time now, and we feel very sad about this since we want to keep the site alive, but if no donations comes in, there will be no TTi in the future..because of this, we have decided that we will return to the old TTi again (with all that it means). We will not give you any detailed information about this, due of security reasons, but the site will return to it's old way, but with some major improvements such as better security, better site and a new design! We will keep you updated on this matter along the road!
BUT if we will be able to do this, the donations cannot be as low as they are now. The new improvements will cost money, and for this we need your help! If you want the old TTi back, we would really appreciate if you would help us and donate to the site, so that we will be able to work faster so that the old site can come back faster!
And as stated above, please don't ask us about what we are going to do with the site, you will be informed about this along the way to the new old TTi!
You can talk and discuss it HERE!
best regards,
TTi Staff

Some additional info can be found on the forum thread about the news item:

* Those who left us will of course NOT be given their stats back. If you left us and did not believe in us, tough luck!
* The registrations will be closed when we have reached a good number of users (you will be given info about this when the limit is about to be reached)
* Remember that we ALSO have a iPod Touch competition, and the money from that competition will also go to the new old TTi, so by competing, you will sort of donate to the site aswell, but you can win an awesome mp3 player at the same time! (see NEWS for all the details!)
* The shop will not be opened yet

As you may already know, signups for TTi were opened immediately after it went ‘legal only’ (Signups almost never opened back when it was a 0day tracker). Expect the registrations to close once the site returns to its normal form. If you were an old member of TTi who gave up on the tracker or a new user waiting to experience the new ‘old' TTi’, signups are still open.

Site Name: TTi (

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