A decent General/0Day tracker has opened signups after a while – TorrentVault (TV) is a private tracker that indexes (and tracks) movies, music, games, ebooks, TV shows and torrents from other general categories. This is not the first time TorrentVault is featured here on FILEnetworks Blog – the site has undergone many improvements since our last mention of it and has even managed to double its active torrent index in just a couple of months. Site interface also has a more polished look with a new set of category icons that were added recently.

torrent vault

Torrent Vault now tracks a whopping 11300+ active torrents – more than double the number it tracked by last December. As mentioned above there are torrents from all sorts of categories including a lot of TV shows. It looks as if the torrent index of SceneFeed was merged with TorrentVault when the former apparently shut down few weeks ago (SceneFeed was a specialized TV tracker and also the sister site of TorrentVault). Anyways TorrentVault now tracks almost 4000 x264/XViD TV episode torrents and close to 250 full season packs.

It’s not only TV torrents you can find on this tracker. Almost all major scene and p2p releases are indexed. Download speeds are pretty good and pre times are also decent. Below is a screenshot showing several indexed torrents on TorrentVault:

 torrentvault screenshot

TorrentVault has opened registrations for new members after about 3 months. Signups may close any moment so get in while you can. All new members get free 5GB upload credit upon registration.

Site Name: TorrentVault (http://www.torrentvault.org)

Signup URL: http://www.torrentvault.org/signup.php


  1. Donny // 5/16/2009 07:56:00 AM  

    all the hd tv shows I watch,

  2. zoomby // 5/16/2009 05:41:00 PM  

    Are dey comparable to bitmeTv?

  3. TEAM FILEnetworks // 5/16/2009 06:06:00 PM  

    Well bitmetv is specialized tv tracker while TorrentVault is a general tracker with lots of tv shows. BMTV has a lot more tv content than torrentvault in my opinion.

  4. Rajath // 5/16/2009 08:26:00 PM  

    Hey LST bitsoup.org was open for signup, when i randomly tried a few mins back. excellent site

  5. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 5/16/2009 11:28:00 PM  

    Glad you got in. Bitsoup indeed is a great general tracker. Thye do open up frequently but open signups usually only last for few minutes.

  6. Tizz // 5/25/2009 08:33:00 PM  
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  7. Tizz // 5/25/2009 08:36:00 PM  

    Been a member of TV from very early on & have had the pleasure of watching it grow bigger & better each day. The speed at which it has grown is pretty impressive.

    Download speeds are awesome, I consistently get 10+MB/s both up & down on my 100mbit box, (yes MB not Mb) & pre times are up there with the best of them. Often better than even the likes of SCC and ScT. At present they are averaging 400+ new torrents each day, not bad for a relatively small site I'd say!

    Almost all the major scene releases are there as well as some rare, interesting releases & many custom packs exclusive to TV.

    However FYI, sign-ups are now closed. The only way in now is via an invite from an existing user.

    It will likely stay that way for some time now, but if you are lucky enough to get an invite it's well worth it. :)

  8. George // 5/26/2009 06:43:00 AM  

    I assure you that when you get on TV, you wont try any other torrent site. It is a shame I don't have any invites to share atm as I have gained much from here. Will try and get some over as soon as I get my hands on any.

    Once again thanks to FILEnetworks

  9. He3a // 6/12/2009 06:06:00 PM  

    please send me an invitation :)

  10. valinor // 6/23/2009 03:57:00 PM  

    please,please, send me an invitation :)

  11. vova82 // 7/02/2009 04:45:00 PM  

    can anyone send me a invitation for this tracker my mail i s vlad1982@gmail.com.Thank You

  12. lik // 8/18/2009 09:39:00 PM  

    I would alsno need one inv. fot TV. Please send it to: pirateahoy92@gmail.com

  13. oscar_hockey // 11/16/2009 06:13:00 AM  

    i cant signup on the page because the URL is wrong...