For the short time it’s has been online, SceneFeed sure has undergone a lot of changes. SceneFeed started out as a General/0Day tracker which did not specialize in any niche category. It was then shut down by admins who wanted to pool more resources to TorrentVault, their sister site – SceneFeed however came back online after a short downtime. Now, SceneFeed is no longer a General tracker – it’s become a specialized TV torrent tracker which tracks season packs and episodes of popular US/Canadian TV shows.

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There is a news post on SceneFeed about the change:

Okay guys, you might have noticed by now.. we've made some recent changes..
We've decided to go TV only, with a Movies Category for you movie buffs so you dont have to go looking elsewhere for movies..
Our main focus will be tv shows.. we'll add more categories as we see fit.. if you see we're missing a popular tvshow cat let us know, and get a image for it with the same dimensions as the ones we have here..
Hopefully this change doesnt effect you too much, and hope you keep enjoying the site and its improvements

SceneFeed became TV only on the 17th of January, 2009 and there are already close to 250 TV torrents indexed on the tracker. (stats as of 26/1/2009). Latest episodes of all major US shows seem to be available for download on SceneFeed.

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Screenshot: Some of SceneFeed’s category icons 

At the time this post is being written, SceneFeed is open for signup. Every new users gets 5GB upload credit free. Check it out.

Site Name: SceneFeed (

Signup URL:


  • Server:, Port: 7011 or +7022 if you wish to use SSL.
  • Channels:
    #SceneFeed - The main channel,
    #SFHelp - The Support Channel,
    #Pre - The PRE channel, available for everyone.
    #SceneFeed and #Pre channels are invite only. Follow the method in to get yourselves invited.

Speaking of TV trackers, popular site is set to make a comeback soon after a prolonged downtime. They seem to have changed their web host and are in the process of making final adjustments to the site before bringing it back online. More updates in this regard can be found on IRC channel irc:// (Thanks Zyn for the irc channel address). Also, thanks jupjup for the news on SceneFeed.


  1. Maheshwaran // 1/29/2009 10:09:00 AM  
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  2. Mahesh // 1/29/2009 10:25:00 AM  

    Thanks for the update on TV.Torrents. Btw, Scenefeed seems to be down ? Keeps giving me a Page Load Error.

  3. D // 1/29/2009 01:39:00 PM  

    Torrentleech open! 1.29.09 0000PST

    Invite channel open on the IRC. Go now and get an invite.


  4. Matt // 1/29/2009 01:42:00 PM  

    Yer, There seems to be routing issues currently going on with thier provider.. works from some locations, and not from others :/

  5. whosez // 1/29/2009 01:49:00 PM  

    Funfile too is OPEN!

  6. SkyWolf // 1/29/2009 02:05:00 PM  

    Demonoid opened too ^_^ Good luck

  7. TEAM FILEnetworks // 1/29/2009 02:11:00 PM  

    Thanks everyone for sharing the news on TL/Funfile/SceneFeed/Demonoid.

  8. Mahesh // 1/29/2009 05:45:00 PM  

    Thanks for the update on Funfile :)

  9. karansawhney // 1/29/2009 05:50:00 PM  
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  10. karansawhney // 1/29/2009 05:51:00 PM  


  11. Sy // 1/30/2009 03:54:00 AM  
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  12. Sy // 1/30/2009 03:55:00 AM  

    Just an update to correct some issues from the original article.

    SceneFeed is NOT a sister site of TorrentVault. We have nothing to do with that site, however people might draw up that conclusion due to our site's design looking similar. That is due to one of the Admins of SceneFeed owning the design code.

    Yes, we are tracking TV shows with the odd movie thrown in. UK, US, Canadian, whereever a show is from. It was felt by us that there are too many general torrent sites and it would be a better situation for us to take on doing TV releases only.

  13. Mahesh // 1/30/2009 07:27:00 AM  

    Hi Sy !! Are the routing problems sorted ? I still can't get to the site.

  14. Sy // 1/30/2009 05:20:00 PM  

    Mahesh asked if SceneFeed was down. The site has been in operation now for several weeks without any issues.

    Try that link