In one of our previous articles, we posted about the GTA 4 Promotional trainer which only had one changeable option. Here is a new trainer which as 21 different options including invincibility, changeable weather settings, changeable time of day settings, no gravity, etc. This trainer is developed by dualCore on GTAforums and is based on the ASI loader plugin by Alexandar Blade.

The following options are available in version 1.0 beta of the trainer:

  1. Time of day settings: Change time of day
  2. Weather settings: Change weather settings – rain, sun, fog, etc
  3. Player coordinates: Shows current coordinates of the player
  4. Give weapons
  5. Give ammo: Get full ammo for all available weapons
  6. Wanted level: Set desired wanted level (need to have at least one star)
  7. Set money: Set the amount of money Nika has.
  8. Set health (Alt + Numeric 6): Refill currentl health, set health limit.
  9. Repair car (Alt + Numeric 7)
  10. Flip car (Alt + Numeric 8)
  11. Super stamina (Alt + Numeric 0): Nicko never gets tired
  12. Invincible (Alt + Numeric 1): Niko is invincible when enabled.
  13. Stupid police (Alt + Numeric 2): Police AI screwed up :D
  14. Never wanted (Alt + Numeric 3): Never get a wanted level
  15. Tank mode (Alt + Numeric 4): Vehicles are not damaged, Nicko cannot be dragged our of a vehicle
  16. No gravity (Alt + Numeric 5): Check this out!
  17. Limit health (Alt+F2
  18. Freeze health (Alt+F3)
  19. Give weapon: Get only selected weapon
  20. Set car color
  21. Set car specular color

The full list of features including changelog can be found on the official GTAforums thread located here. I’ve tested this trainer with GTA 4 Legitimate version + Patch 1 as well as on GTA 4 Cracked version (Razor1911) + Patch 1 - it ran fine on both occasions. Note that the trainer is still in beta and proceed at your own risk.


[Click Here] to download GTA 4 Simple Trainer 1.0 Beta from RapidShare

[Click Here] to download GTA 4 Simple Trainer 1.0 Beta from Mirror (Direct Download)

Instruction on how to use the trainer, release notes and more user experiences can be found in the official thread on GTAForums.


  1. The // 1/13/2009 06:15:00 PM  

    Downloaded this from piratebay a while back, and it's given me the motivation to play gta 4 over again.

    Hope the final includes a teleporter, and spawn vehicles, reminiscent of some GTA san andreas trainers.

  2. mike // 10/28/2009 12:01:00 AM  

    Yeah, I liked the 100+ Trainer for San Andreas, had so many cheats it was hard to remember any of them.

  3. Rinkesh // 8/05/2010 04:05:00 PM  
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  4. luky-west // 3/12/2015 09:13:00 PM