Since our post about Abandonware games FTP, there have been several requests for more FTP server addresses. The FTP server featured in this article contains thousands of ROM files as well as several emulators for a number of different gaming console such as Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), NEO GEO, etc. With the help of these emulators and ROMs, you will be able to play a number of different console games on your PC!

What is an emulator and what is a ROM file?

As you may already know, games for the older game consoles such as NES and SNES were released in special game cartridges. A ROM file is sort of like an ‘image’ of a game cartridge. An emulator program is something you can use to emulate the console environment on your personal computer. Loading a ROM into an emulator program is basically similar to inserting a game cartridge to your game console – only difference is that you’ll be playing your favorite console games on the PC.

FTP folder structure
Screenshot: Contents of the FTP server as displayed in FileZilla FTP client.

This FTP server contains thousands of ROMs and several emulators for many game consoles that came out during the 1985 – 2000 period. A large number of Sega Genesis and SNES games (among others) are included. To play SNES games on the PC, we suggest you use the ZSNES emulator.

Server location and how to access

FTP server address:

Notes: It’s strongly recommended that you use a FTP clients such as FileZilla to access this server instead of a web browse. I ran into some problems while using a web browser to download from this FTP server but FileZilla worked perfectly. You can find download links and a brief tutorial for FileZilla from this location.

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