Usually we don’t feature individual music album downloads here on FILEnetworks Blog but this is no ordinary music album. ‘The Mighty Pirate Sessions - Volume 1’ includes several chipmusic tracks that were created entirely using the sound chip of an older ATARI game console. What’s even more interesting is that these tracks were used by various scene groups (including the infamous Razor1911) in their cracktros (crack intros), keygens, etc back in the mid 1990’s.

the mighty pirate sessions

The Mighty Pirate Sessions Vol. 1 is composed by Dubmood, a cross genre Swedish chipmusician. Over the years Dubmood has been working with many scene groups, specially with Razor1911 which is one of the oldest groups in the warez scene (he even has a page in Razor1911 demo division domain). More information about Dubmood and his other music albums can be found on this Last.Fm page.


The Mighty Pirate Sessions Volume 1 can be freely downloaded via BitTorrent.

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